Legal Trust Deed

The Legal Trust Deed is the basis of the contract between your business and Euro Domain Secure Ltd.

The Trust Deed was developed for us by Druces LLP, an international law firm based in the City of London with a speciality in Technology and Internet law.

The Trust Deed does the following:

  • Authorises Euro Domain Secure Ltd’s Swedish Registered Overseas Branch (registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)) to act as Reg-C for your .eu domain name. Admin-C and Tech-C are technically no longer required for these domains, and are not requirements to meet EURid’s registration requirements so do not need to be changed.
  • Allows Euro Domain Secure to liaise with EURid (the European Union’s domain registry with control over .eu domains) as required to register or confirm registration of the contact details as above.
  • Confirms that Euro Domain Secure shall undertake to action any future change of registered detail requests for your .eu domain name within 5 working days of receipt of written request.
  • Confirms legal ownership of the domain name with your business, so it remains at all times an asset of your business and under your ownership and control.

For more information about the Legal Trust Deed and our terms and conditions of business, please complete our online contact form.