What we do

Our business is very simple: we let you keep control and use of your .eu domain name after the end of the Brexit Transition Period on 1 January 2021.

Your .eu domain name may not be where you get most of your online business, but it is part of your brand and your business identity. We have developed a structure that lets you keep it and stop it getting into the hands of competitors or other businesses based in the EU.

Through our Swedish branch office – registered with the Bolagsverket in Stockholm and managed by Swedish Director Fredrik Dirfors – we enter into a formal Trust Deed with you which transfers the Reg-C address details to Euro Domain Secure Ltd (Bolagsverket).

You then notify your current domain host of the changes and continue to host and manage your own domain name, including pointing it to your current website and using emails associated with the domain just as before.

  • Apply now (discounts available for multiple .eu domains).

How it works – Legal Trust Deed

Visit the website of Druces LLP

We have partnered with leading City of London Law Firm, Druces LLP, to develop an innovative and binding Legal Trust Deed that:

  • Confirms legal right to change the Reg-C contact details for the .eu domain so you do not lose your .eu domain after Brexit
  • Confirms your continued right of ownership of the .eu domain with us as registered contact
  • Lets you end or change the arrangement at any time on written notice to us
  • Provides for automatic return of the .eu domain address details to your business in the unlikely event that anything happens to Euro Domain Secure Ltd

Next steps…

The next steps are easy – just enter your business and domain name details into our online contact form and we will contact you with details of the formal documents, what actions you will need to take, and how much the process will cost (more information also on our prices page).

  • Apply now (discounts available for multiple .eu domains).